Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name: Paul Clifford WELLINGTON  Ι  Address: 2/377Railway Road Subiaco, Western Australia 6008

Phone: (08) 9388 3403 (Business)  Ι  (08) 9381 8743 (Home)  Ι  Fax: (08) 9388 6404 (Facsimile)  Ι  Mobile: 0416 015 473


Personal Statement

“As a committed, goal oriented and motivated professional, I display high technical competency along with an aptitude for being proactive, hard working and results oriented combined with highly effective negotiation and advocacy skills. All matters are prepared with thoroughness and keen attention to detail.

My strong communication and interpersonal skills enable me to provide quality service through development of client relationships that promotes meaningful discussions resulting in my gaining a sound understanding of clients’ needs in order to articulate a client’s position and therefore achieve client objectives.

My sense of fairness, propriety, loyalty, honour and respect for my clients is well regarded due to my ability to conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner in my daily representation and practice of the law.”

Areas of Practice

  • Construction and Building Law
  • Architectural Practice
  • Contract Administration
  • Building Practice
  • Building Surveyors Liability
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Expert Witness
  • Building Failure and Causes


2011 TAFE Seminar course in Welding
2009 IAMA Certificate of National Accreditation as Experienced Qualified Practitioner in Mediation
2008 Master of Laws — The University of Melbourne
2003 Practitioners Certificate in Mediation and Conciliation — Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators
2002 Advanced Professional Certificate in Arbitration — University of Adelaide, SA
2001 Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice — College of Law, NSW
2000 Bachelor of Laws — Murdoch University, Perth
1997 Master of Arts (Distinction), Thesis: “Robin Boyd: The Early Years” — Monash University, Melbourne
1974 Bachelor of Arts — Monash University, Melbourne
1972 Bachelor of Arts —  Australian National University, Canberra (transferred to Monash University)
1970 Bachelor of Architecture — Melbourne University School of Architecture

Professional Registrations & Memberships


2006 – Current Architects Board of WA Assessor for Architectural accreditation
2005 – Current Sessional Member of State Administrative Tribunal
1999 – Current Fellow of Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA)
1995 – Current RAIA Senior Counsellor
1994 – Current RAIA Practice Committee, WA
1993 – Current Registered Architect, WA
1982 – Current Paul Wellington Architects Pty Ltd (director)
2013 Appointed by Minister to Building Commission Committed for a review of Builders Registration (tiered registration)
2006 – 2008 Appointed by Minister for Housing and Works on Municipal Building Surveyors Qualification Committee
2006 – 2009 Appointed by Royal Australian Institute of Architects, representative on Department of Housing and Works Building Act Working Group
2004 – 2011 Royal Australian Institute of Architect’s (RAIA) representative on Architects Board of WA
2003 – 2009 RAIA representative on the Building Regulation Advisory Committee, WA
1975 – 2009 Registered Architect, Victoria


2015 – current Resolution Institute coach for registrations in Mediation
2002 – current Society of Construction Law Australia
2000 – current Member of Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia /Resolution Institute Australia, Graded Arbitrator (2003) Mediator (2005)
2012 – current Resolution Institute Australia National Accreditation as Experienced Qualified Practioner in Mediation
2012 – current Small Business Corporation of WA – Registered mediator
2009 – current Mediator Australian National Mediator Accreditation Standards
2005 – current Registered Adjudicator under Construction Contracts Act WA 2004. Appointed 2005
2004 – current Graded Mediator Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators
2003 – current Graded Arbitrator Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators
2001 – current Associate – The Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia
2000 – 2014 IAMA coach for persons undertaking registrations as mediators


2007 – current Practicing solicitor Paul Wellington architect and solicitor
2006 – current Legal Practice Board WA, Practising Certificate
2006 Practicing solicitor with H S Pinder solicitors
2002 Registered Legal Practitioner WA
2002 Registered Legal Practitioner NSW
2001 – 2002 Law Clerk Jackson McDonald, Barristers & Solicitors

Lecturing/University Appointments


2015 – Current School of Law – Lecturer for Construction Law
1994 – Current Sessional Lecturer School of Humanities, Construction Management & Economics (CME) in: Construction Law, Contract Administration
1996 – 2014 Building Measurement (specifications)
1999 – 2005 Sessional Lecturer in Contract Law for Masters Degree in Procurement Management
1994 – 2000 Sessional Lecturer, School of Humanities, Architecture in Construction Law, Specifications


2012 Lecturer for Dispute Resolution elective
2007 & 2008 Lecturer in ‘Construction Law’
2007 Lecturer in Mediation Law


2006 Lecturer on Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry
2005 Lecturer Construction Contracts
2004 Lecturer Construction Claims

MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY School of Architecture, Planning and Building

1982 – 1992 Design Tutor for 2nd to 5th year (thesis) architecture students
1982 – 1992 Research Officer- for Melbourne University Programme in Antarctic Studies (MUPAS). Research for Architecture Faculty on living conditions for expeditioners at Australian Antarctic bases.

Work Experience

Expert opinion for District Court (defects & estimating costs).
Expert opinion for defects to apartments at Crawley.
Adjudication under Construction Contracts Act.

Adjudicator for two adjudications under Construction Contracts Act.
Expert opinions for falls/slips ni Supreme Court.
Expert opinions on building defects for matters before Supreme Court and State Administrative Tribunal WA.
Expert opinion for housing for quadriplegics in Supreme Court.
Opinion for builders on Contract Administration.
Expert opinion on Copyright in District Court.

Expert opinions for claimants before SAT.
Expert opinion for solicitors over claim of defective building work.
Solicitor for respondents in arbitration.
Three mediator commissions from Small Business Development Corporation WA.
Arbitrator for lease agreement dispute.
Adjudicator for five adjudications under Construction Contracts Act.
Various consultancy advice for construction disputes/ consultancy agreements.

Expert opinion on housing defect disputes before SAT.
Expert opinion for claim before Supreme Court (mining accident).
Solicitor for defendant in District court.
Consultations (various) on construction law disputes.
Solicitor for defendant in District Court.
Adjudicator for claims under Construction Contacts Act.
Engaged by City of Melville for staff mediation course.
Mediation for lease disputes.

Mediator for contactor client dispute.
Mediator for Department of Environment dispute.
Expert opinions for claims concerning housing defects.
Expert opinion for defendant in Supreme Court matter.
Expert opinion for claimant in an Expert Determination.
Solicitor for claim of construction defect in #2 District Court matters.
Expert determination for housing development dispute.
Adjudicator for determinations under Construction Contracts Act.

Expert opinion for claimants before State Administrative Tribunal.
Solicitor for claimants in matter before State Administrative Tribunal.
Co-tribunal member on matter before State Administrative Tribunal.
Arbitrator for three arbitrations.
Mediator in client/builder and principal /architect agreements.
Solicitor  for defendants in two matters before District Court of WA, and two in Magistrates Court.
IAMA appointed coach for applicant’s applying for Practioner’s Certificate in Mediation and Conciliation.

Hamersley Road Subiaco, RAIA Awards for architectural design, sustainability, interior and lighting.
Design of house and surgery at 329 Railway Road Shenton Park.
Assessor for Catholic Education for commissioning of architectural appointments.
Four adjudications under Construction Contracts Act , three arbitrations under Commercial Arbitration Act, three mediations, solicitor for matters before Magistrates Court and two before District Court and three matters before the Building Disputes Tribunal.
Three expert opinions on copyright, and one on slip and fall.
Acting for three parties in building disputes and appointed to make expert determinations on building defects.
Sitting as sessional member on SAT.

Design and construction of house at 199 Hamersley Road Subiaco.
Six determinations under the Construction Contracts Act.
Acting for applicant before State Administrative Tribunal and three as a sessional member, four expert opinions on copyright, building defects and contract, two mediations and 2 dilapidation reports for commercial buildings.
Acting for defendants in matters before the Magistrates and District Court.

Design and construction of house at 199 Hamersley Road Subiaco.
Expert opinion in five matters including falls, copyright, and building defects.
Determinations under the Construction Contracts Act.
Two matters before the Building Disputes Tribunal and three before State Administrative Tribunal.
Arbitrator for two disputes.

Adjudications under Construction Contracts Act concerning Perth to Mandurah railway line (3 adjudications), seven expert opinions including injuries on work site, opinion on injuries sustained on fall from stair landing, opinion for arbitration on building defects for houses, arbitrator for building dispute.

Architectural & legal Practice (Paul Wellington Architects Pty Lt) in Melbourne from 1982 to 1992), Paul Wellington Architect (1994 to 2002) and Paul Wellington Architect Solicitor and Arbitrator (2002 current).
Expert opinion concerning injuries and damage arising from a fall from stairs.
Expert opinion concerning practical completion for bakery.
Adjudications under Construction Contracts Act WA; determinations made.
Sessional Member for State Administrative Tribunal. Attendance on appeals against Building Disputes Tribunal and Builders Registration Board.

Design of house at 199 Hamersley Road Subiaco.
Expert opinions and witness for disputes before Building Disputes Tribunal.
Reports and opinions on building disputes for RAIA Archicentre (various).
Solicitor for Claimant in arbitration.
Report and opinion for client/architect agreement and breach of copyright.
Solicitor for hearing in Magistrates Court on breach of contract, negligence.
Arbitrator for construction disputes.
Sessional member for State Administrative Tribunal at sessions concerning appeals against Building Tribunal decisions.
Appointed as an adjudicator by the RAIA to determine contract/payment disputes under the Construction Contracts Act WA.

Alterations and additions to office and house at 377 Railway Road Subiaco. Builder for work on office and house.
Reports and opinion on building defects for RAIA Archicentre.
Expert opinion on defects to house for arbitration hearing for Alvaro Design Consultants.
Expert opinion for defects to house and subsequent payment dispute.
Beach resort, maintenance schedule, scope of works and contract documents for upgrade to resort .
Consultation with Jones coulter Young Architects concerning arbitration proceedings.
Opinions on Copyright dispute.
Opinion on service by architect including working drawings standard.
Expert opinion for Tottle Partners Lawyers concerning defects to a building at Malaga in matter before Supreme Court between Malaga Investments v Sandbourne Holding & Russell Hawkins.
Arbitrator in hearing between Pindan v Australand.
Co-mediation to resolve a dispute between a local government authority and a property owner. The dispute has been of long duration (20 + years) and concerned contravention of planning approvals and compensation.

Consultant with Department of Housing and Works WA for the Construction Contracts Bill 2004 to provide explanatory and training material to parties under the Act, to prepare drafting instructions for regulations and to conduct training courses.
Building report for defects to multi storey apartment.
Expert opinion for Royal Australian Institute of Architects Risk Insurers & Phillips Fox. (2004).
Referee for Local Court. Roof collapse to house. Report on liability arising from collapse. Appointment by the President of the Law Society of WA.

Appointed by Mallesons Stephen & Jaques to provide expert opinion on a matter concerning designs for project homes.
Opinion on Bunbury Forum Shopping Centre.
Opinion on Joondalup Resort Hotel.
Opinion for Phillips Fox Solicitors on drainage slope to showroom floor.
Opinion for RAIA Risk Insurers on matter concerning contractual risk under a novation contract.
Opinion (various) for RAIA WA Chapter on claims against architects – for the RAIA Complaints Procedure Committee.

2001 & 2002
Law Clerk Jackson McDonald, Barristers & Solicitors
• As part of Building & Construction Team, contract, tort, building & construction, architecture, insurance law and arbitration and mediation.
• Work included negligence and damages arising from defective workmanship, resolution of defective work involving international contracts, preparation of contract terms and advice on copyright infringement.
Tasmanian environmentally sustainable housing – architectural design competition for Hobart Public Housing Authority – exhibited (with Elizabeth Karol).

Department of Local Government, Perth: 2 month appointment to Research ‘Proposals for a Building Act WA’.
Federation Square Competition. Entry submitted in association with Elizabeth Karol.

1993 – 1996
Royal Australian Institute of Architects, WA: Executive Director.

1980 – 1994
Paul Wellington Pty Ltd, Architects, Melbourne: Director.

1989 – 1990
University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture and Planning: Tutor in Building Construction.

1980 – 1985
University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture and Planning: Part-time Lecturer / Design Tutor.

1980 – 1983
University of Melbourne, Programme in Antarctic Studies: Research Officer on Australia’s Rebuilding Programme in Antarctica.

1978 – 1979
Chapman Taylor & Associates, London, UK: Architect.

1977 – 1978
Fitzroy Robinson & Partners, London, UK: Architect.

1974 – 1976
Commonwealth Department of Housing & Construction: Architect.

1972 – 1974
Australian Tourist Commission, Melbourne: Architect & Planner (Division of Development and Research).

1970 – 1972
Commonwealth Dept of Work, Canberra, Melbourne, Darwin: Cadet Architect.